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Researchers often look for respondents of a particular type; for example, by gender, travel habits, or living arrangements. By providing us with information in the survey today, you will receive more survey invitations in the future that cater to you and are applicable to your interests.

The more information there is in your profile, the easier it will be for researchers to find you. At the same time you increase the opportunity to share your opinion and receive rewards.

Important: You will not be asked for personal information and the responses you provide here will remain strictly confidential. This guarantee is a long-standing priority of Cint and is a major focus of our valued relationship with your panel group.

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About Cint:

Cint is the host and creator of OpinionHUB, the only transparent insight marketplace that brings together researchers and respondents in over 50 countries. Our objective is to help researchers gain the insight they need while helping panels safely build their network and keep their panelists’ information safe. As a member of a panel group within OpinionHUB researchers can get your opinion on products and services and you help shape the future.